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The smart meters will replace all traditional coin-operated meters on Central Avenue and Beach Drive.

ST. PETERSBURG – Beginning this month, 400 solar-powered Smart Meters are scheduled to be installed along two busy corridors in downtown St. Petersburg.

The meter installation is part of a continuing effort to use available technology to make the parking experience more convenient. The meters will replace all existing coin operated meters on Central Avenue and Beach Drive.

The smart meters provide customers the option to park and swipe a credit card in addition to the current methods of paying with coins or the ParkMobile app. Smart meters also communicate information about use through wireless communication capabilities, which will provide the city with new ways to generate reports and analyze usage information.

City officials chose the intuitive single-space credit card meters over multi-space meters for its on-street applications because existing infrastructure could be used and no new signs have to be installed. Another major advantage is that customers will not be required to remember a space number or return to their vehicle to place a receipt on the dashboard.

The city partnered with IPS Group on the smart meters project. IPS has been delivering Smart City technology for more than two decades to customers all over the world. IPS is best known for the patented IPS credit card-enabled, solar-powered smart parking meter. IPS offers a full parking solution, including multi-space pay stations, pay station retrofit kits, vehicle detection sensors, smart cash collection, and a state-of-the-art web-based data management system.

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