Did you know that your charity can receive up to 20 free IPS smart parking meters to raise funds and support the community? In keeping with our commitment to social responsibility, we’ve established the IPS Donation Station Program, which utilizes repurposed smart meters to accept cash, coin, and credit/debit card donations for local non-profits. We help cities partner with 501 (c) (3) organizations to support charitable initiatives such as homeless shelters, school programs, medical clinics, and other great causes. With the donation meters, any passerby can quickly and anonymously give to community programs, with 100% of the money going to the charity.

The program has been immensely successful in places like West Palm Beach, Florida, where last year we helped the city team up with Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County to place ten donation stations around the downtown area. Now, individuals who might be hesitant to give money to panhandlers can simply feed the meter to help transform the lives of homeless people in West Palm Beach, getting them off the street and into homes. The city has even promised to match contributions up to $50,000 after the first year.

By supporting local charitable organizations, IPS hopes to create a stronger community and economy for future generations to come. In support of the initiatives of organizations such as Make Change Count and Make Change Count for Schools, IPS hopes to be a catalyst for change in underprivileged communities and to create a better future in the communities around us. That’s why they have made the process simple:

  • IPS is willing to donate up to 20 meters in support of a qualifying organization.
  • First, get in touch with an IPS sales rep, and discuss whether the organization is a good fit for the smart meter program.
  • If you are working with the IPS sales rep, they will introduce you to the customer, provide you with all the answers to the questions and get the contract signed and work order placed.
  • If you are working directly with the customer, get the contract signed and submit it to a sales rep.
  • Speak with the customer about what color meter they want, and place the work order for painting the meter. Then send the customer the onboarding information (the new customer starter kit).
  • Be willing to work as a liaison between the new customer and current customer, developing a PR plan and sustaining communication in the long haul to ensure success.

The IPS Donation Station Program is our way of giving back and promoting positive change. We sponsor the meters and their installation, get them painted in colors of the customer’s choosing, and help design a PR plan to announce the program to the community. Our team makes the process easy and hassle-free.

To learn more about jumpstarting your campaign, or discover insight and information from some of our customers, reach out to our Corporate Social Responsibility department at csr@ipsgroupinc.com.