IPS recently launched its Next-Generation DMS, a robust back office system that supports all applications of the IPS Smart Parking Platform. The redesigned DMS boasts a more intuitive design, and is rich in new features that allow users to customize their experience.

New features include single sign-on, which allows easy access to the entire portfolio of IPS applications and smart search which detects a pole number, maintenance issue or route as the entry is keyed in. The redesigned interface promotes a greater level of customization, allowing users to create a list of frequently-used reports and even customize those reports so that only the relevant data is shown. Features such as a collapsible navigation toolbar provide additional room on the dashboard workspace.

Built for the future of big data, the DMS processes nearly three terabytes of data each year, making it the most advanced back office system in the industry. The Next-Generation DMS represents the latest addition to the growing Smart Parking Platform, which includes single- and multi-space parking meters, sensors and smart collections systems. IPS recently introduced dome mount sensors; a mobile payment application, ParkSmarter™; enforcement and permitting solutions; and in-vehicle payments, further solidifying the company’s position as the leader in Smart Parking.

For more information or to request a live demo, please contact your Customer Support Manager.

Download: Want a snapshot of what’s new with the Next-Generation DMS? The Quick Guide summarizes new DMS features and enhancements, as well as their location, to help get you up and running, fast.

Video: Check out the Next-Gen DMS video.





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