SAN DIEGO, Calif. May 23, 2017 – Smart Parking leader, IPS Group, Inc., has expanded its powerful and fully-integrated Smart Parking Data Management System to include the Parking Enforcement Management Solution and Permit Management Solution.

“The Enforcement Management and Permit Management systems were built from the ground up with the future in mind,” said Dave Rotenberg, Director of Enforcement Solutions, IPS Group. “Unlike outdated and inflexible legacy systems that can slow down operations over time, our solutions are technically-advanced and also incredibly flexible. They can be scaled up or down based on the varying needs of cities of any size, and there’s no limit to the new features that we can quickly introduce in the future.”

By implementing the Parking Enforcement Management or Permit Management solutions, current clients can benefit from a true, fully-integrated system that works seamlessly with other IPS technologies, and are integrated into the IPS Smart Parking Data Management System. New clients will gain access to the latest in parking enforcement and permit management software using a platform that can expand easily with the growing needs of the City. Most importantly, data sharing across the entire parking network will result in more informed, data driven policy decisions.

Enforcement Management Solution
The Enforcement Management Solution is a new module within the IPS Smart Parking Data Management System. It’s a fully-hosted system that handles the needs of any stage of the citation lifecycle including citation issuance, citation processing and delinquent collections.

Features include access to a dashboard with real-time statistics, heat mapping, user activity and advanced performance analytics; on-demand visual reporting; cross-platform, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility; and single sign-on (SSO) capability.

The solution integrates with the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems (NLETS) in all 50 states, meaning full access to the most accurate data possible.

Key components of the new Parking Enforcement Management Solution include:

Mobile Enforcement System (MES): The most innovative on the market today, the lightweight, but rugged and easy-to-use mobile enforcement system is available as an all-in-one 1-piece or 2-piece configuration that is Android OS and iOS compatible. The mobile enforcement system features real-time syncing and connectivity, high-resolution color photos, e-chalking and heat mapping, and provides scofflaw and customized notifications.

Enforcement Management System (EMS): The EMS is a web-based enforcement application that provides real-time access to case information including high-level citation summaries, photos, notices and letters, adjudications and voids. The system features advanced search and manual citation entry capability, adjudication and disposition management, personalized report libraries, payment and refund processing, and notice and letter processing.

Citation Portal: The online public portal gives citizens real-time access to pay for and/or review their citation status and transaction history from an easy-to-use website.

Permit Management System
The Permit Management System from IPS gives Property Managers the ability to better manage their entire permit network and the permit lifecycle from design through fulfillment via a flexible and scalable web-based system that is available 24/7, and updates vehicle and permit data in real-time. The solution features a state-of-the-art Waiting List Management feature and scalable permit stock and fulfillment options.

The customer-facing website gives permit-seekers an easy and convenient way to review rates and availability, apply for a permit, upload verification documents and pay online.

Demonstration and Trial Opportunities
Live demonstrations of the IPS Parking Enforcement Management and Permit Management solutions will take place at the IPI Conference, May 21-24 in New Orleans at the IPS booth 1119.

To sign up for a free trial of our Parking Enforcement Management Solution, click here.
To sign up for a demo of our Permit Management Solution, click here.

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