La Soluzione di IPS include tutto quello che è necessario al Cliente per la gestione delle violazioni e sanzioni, dall’elaborazione della sanzione all’emissione del ticket e alla gestione dei relativi pagamenti attraverso un unico sistema integrato. Questo Sistema è stato concepito tenendo a mente l’efficienza e le esigenze delle future “Smart Cities”. La soluzione include un palmare mobile, un Sistema di gestione dati e un portale per l’accesso pubblico..


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  • All-in-one enforcement device with seamless IPS meter integration.
  • Track key metrics with dashboard features such as real-time statistics, heat mapping, user activity and performance analytics.
  • On-demand visual reporting with multiple export formats drives better strategic decision making, management and continuous improvements.
  • Cross-platform, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) enables access to meter and enforcement data in one back office.


Integration with:

  • National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems (NLETS) in all 50 states
  • Third Party Cashiering and Financial Systems
  • Letter Mailing and Lockbox Payment Services


Handheld Citation Writer

Built rugged to last, designed to perform

  • Available as all-in-one 1-piece or 2-piece solution, Android OS compatible.
  • Real-time syncing and connectivity.
  • Lightweight and portable, but rugged to withstand weather and heavy-duty use.
  • High-resolution color photos, e-chalking and heat-mapping.
  • Scofflaw and customized notifications


Enforcement Management System (EMS)

Smarter decisions made faster

  • Cross-compatible interface across all operating systems and devices.
  • Advanced search capability and option for manual citation entry.
  • Adjudication and disposition management.
  • Personalized report libraries.
  • Payment and refund processing.
  • Notice and letter processing.


Citation Portal

Pure convenience, excellent service

  • Pay, or obtain information on how to contest, and review fine amounts including late fees.
  • Real-time access to citation status and transaction history.
  • Highly secure PCI compliant application.
  • Cross-compatible interface supports all browsers and devices.
  • Customizable interface and branding.
  • Comprehensive (Smart) FAQ and customer service reporting.
  • Accepts all major credit cards


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