SAN DIEGO, Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —IPS Group, Inc. has shown the nation that parking meters can be put to work for people, not just cars. Last year IPS installed credit-card enabled solar-powered meters in the downtown San Diego area to support the city’s campaign to end homelessness. The meters, painted bright red, give drivers, pedestrians and passersby the opportunity to contribute to the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Movin’ Home Donation Station campaign.

Last week at the 50th Anniversary Alonzo Awards Gala, presented by the Downtown San Diego Partnership, IPS Group was honored with the Vic Kops Humanitarian Award for its contributions to the Movin’ Home campaign. IPS Vice President of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Amir Sedadi accepted the award on behalf of IPS Group.

“The award is presented in recognition of humanitarian efforts that have contributed significantly to Downtown San Diego and is being awarded to IPS Group for their generous donation of meters and services valued at $25,000 for the Movin’ Home Donation Station campaign,” announced Bahija Hamraz , Downtown San Diego Partnership District Director.

”The meters were provided and installed by IPS Group in 2011, with additional donation meters being deployed throughout 2012. They were placed throughout the city to give the public a simple and accessible way to contribute. People on foot or at the wheel can make a donation of any amount using coins or credit cards. The company also funds operating costs and maintenance. One hundred percent of the revenue from the meters is donated to the Movin’ Home campaign.

“By using the IPS credit card enabled parking meter to accept charitable donations, cities are able to maximize giving while providing a very convenient means to donate,” Sedadi said. “We are thrilled and gratified by the success of this program.”

The Movin’ Home campaign collects donations to provide homeless individuals with supplies and services, including move-in kits, hygiene kits and preparation for job interviews. Move-in kits help the homeless transition from the streets to supportive housing by providing basic essentials such as furniture, cookware and bathroom supplies, and even first and last month’s rent.

IPS Group is based in San Diego and its equipment is manufactured locally. The company has more than 90,000 meters throughout the United States and Canada – which is more wireless devices than any other parking meter company. IPS Group’s business model incorporates an emphasis on social responsibility and a “triple bottom line” that includes people, profit and the planet. While proving that parking meters can be used to strengthen communities, IPS has shown it is committed to working with cities to attend to their parking and public interest needs.

IPS partner companies Wyless and Arrow Electronics have generously contributed to the Corporate Social Responsibility campaign by donating materials and services for the cause and are proud to be a part of giving back to the community. For more information about Donation Station campaigns or IPS Group itself, visit or call 858.404.0607.