Data Management System

The Next Generation DMS

Data Management System (DMS)

Our innovative DMS offers a unique user experience. The DMS gathers data into a single back-end system with the ability to customise dashboards. The advanced analytics provide visual data, allowing your team to identify trends, audit and forecast revenues.

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Discover how IPS Group is helping today’s communities become the Smart Communities of the future.

Key benefits include:

  • Save your favourite/most used reports and customise your report layout

  • Robust reporting and advanced data analytics drive informed decision making for our customers

  • Provides real-time financial information

  • Provides real-time information and live alerts on the status of terminals, including battery status, ticket capacity, coin box status and any faults, such as coin jams

  • Detailed event view for each terminal which displays transactions, operational status and maintenance logs

  • Monitor the Terminal power system health status, including battery and solar voltages, in real time

The IPS Data Management System Makes Parking Smarter

  • Unlimited Tariff Changes

  • All Reports & live alerts

  • Online video tutorials

  • End-User card refunds

  • Full Training

  • Real Time reporting

  • Third Party Integration with API’s

  • Unlimited historical data

  • Terminal Health check

  • Day to day management

  • Terminal message customisation

  • Data Export, PDF, Excel, csv etc

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