IPS Group Named Top 25 Government Tech Solution Provider by CIO Applications Magazine for their innovative technology, taking Smart Cities to the next level…

If you grew up in the 1960s, chances are you may remember, “The Jetsons,” a popular animated TV series set in the future that conceptualized the Internet of things (IoT). Fast forward to the present and the Jetsons’ sci- premonition of flying cars and smart devices has become a reality, fueled by rapid technological advancement and the ubiquity of cloud computing. IPS Group, an innovator and forerunner in the creation of smart cities, specializes in IoT-driven parking ecosystems. IPS Group has revolutionized parking with a comprehensive portfolio of smart city applications that help cities optimize limited parking resources. IPS Smart Parking Platform features technologies that enhance the user experience, like contactless payments, offering a greater level of efficiency to smart cities and convenience to customers.

“Smart cities leverage innovative technologies to make urban living as friendly as possible; parking space optimization is a vital component of a smart city program,” says Chad Randall, Chief Operating officer at IPS Group. “When successful, it ensures easy access to parking for motorists.”

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Original article: CIO Applications Magazine