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Los Pen - picture by IPS Group Inc.
Los Pen - picture by IPS Group Inc.

#GivingTuesday kicked off the holiday giving season on December 1, 2015. But what happens when the pumpkin pie and Christmas Dinner leftovers are eaten and the good China and silverware are stored back in the cupboard?

Giving back to the community and helping people in need is a subject that needs to be addressed throughout the entire year, not just in the holiday season. How can the parking industry contribute to this?

Throughout the year we have seen many beautiful initiatives from companies who are giving back to the community. For example, the most recent story we read about is from IPS Group, Inc. Last week IPS Group Inc. launched the installation of the first donation meter at Los Peñasquitos Elementary School in the Poway Unified School District (PUSD).

The inaugural donation meter is part of the “Make Change Count for Schools” program, the brain child of three local students who merged technology and fundraising to create a convenient and effective funding platform for local schools. The program takes its inspiration from the San Diego Downtown “Make Change Count” program which uses locally-manufactured smart parking meters that accept debit/credit card payments to facilitate charitable donations. Technology provider IPS Group, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, donated the meters and necessary ongoing merchant gateway costs to the “Make Change Count for Schools” program.

Click here to read the press release "IPS Group, Inc. Donates Meters to Kindess Meter Program, Giving Back to Local Community".

How do you, or your company, contribute to charity? Let us know!