Economic development is a major issue in any large population, where there are broad ranges of socio and economic statuses scattered throughout big cities. As new and innovative technology collects and tracks data, city leaders can utilize this data to guide decisions that help improve the citizens’ quality of life. IPS Group has recently debuted one such innovation at the IPI Conference & Expo in New Orleans, where they showcased their new Smart Parking technology and explained how it can make a city’s parking payment management more efficient and user-friendly.

Data analytics programs open doors to future demands and forecasts by pinpointing failures in various fields and industries. IPS is best known for our patented IPS credit-card-enabled, solar-powered smart parking meter and our SaaS web-based management system with advanced data analytics. We offer a full parking solution, including multi-space pay stations, pay station retrofit kits, vehicle detection sensors, smart cash collection, and a state-of-the-art web-based data management system. Since city leaders are increasingly gathering and optimizing data and technology, we offer solutions to improve the quality of life for residents in their cities.

As Smart Parking continues to gain popularity throughout cities American, we at IPS Group have continued to develop technology to further integrate our systems, thus increasing simplicity and efficiency. IPS’s Next-generation Data Management System launches in summer 2017 and is built for the future of Big Data. The next-generation DMS continues to connect all IPS solutions, but offers more modules, greater data intelligence, and enhanced user interface design for improved management of parking networks from anywhere, at any time.

For example, our Parking Enforcement Management is a brand-new feature that allows cities to achieve peak performance at any stage of the citation lifecycle, including citation issuance, citation processing, and delinquent collections with the first true, fully-integrated parking enforcement solution. This system includes a handheld citation writer, an enforcement management system, and a citation portal. Vehicle detection sensors allow cities to fully track occupancy data for smarter and more economic decisions. Our innovative technology puts Smart Meters, data management systems, and parking enforcement at the city leader’s fingertips.

As IPS Group has created new features in our existing systems to improve parking for everyone through their meters, payment methods, and management solutions, our system continues to be integrated into more and more cities. IPS’s new Bluetooth-enabled app PARK SMARTER™ provides personalized management of a citizen’s parking experience with time-saving tools at their fingertips. As a result, citizens can pay for parking with their smartphones, providing an optimized mobile street parking experience. These innovations translate into optimized parking, reduced traffic, reduced pollution, and many other benefits. And on an eco-friendly note, decreased parking time and effort, carbon emissions, and street congestion are also reduced.

Montclair, New Jersey, has successfully integrated 545 solar-powered parking meters through IPS and are starting to reap the benefits. Montclair city officials can now extrapolate occupancy data to derive peak times, letting them know when to adjust their fees to maximize city income. For example, Montclair can increase metered prices during Friday night happy hour and lower the rates on a Tuesday night—all through a simple wireless connection. Our solar feature allows sunlight to keep recharging the battery in the meters, increasing battery life and saving Montclair money and labor.

With many innovative solutions to manage the evolving needs of urban life, IPS is leading the charge in the revolution of Smart Cities. To learn more about our new product technology and how to upgrade your existing systems to increase revenues and track occupancy data click over to next!