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Getting Results Award winner spends allowance on others

ORLANDO, Fla. - Ten-year-old William Lange is this week's News 6 Getting Results Award winner.

William spends a portion of his allowance on others, and he does it in a unique way.

Once a month, William, who is home schooled, takes a field trip with his family. They travel from Brevard County to Orlando. The outings are a chance to experience new things. They visit the library, parks and ride Sunrail.

On a trip earlier this year, William noticed a car parked in a spot that had an expired meter. He asked his mom if they could add time to it so the owner didn't get a ticket.

"We put a few coins in and said well, let's go to the next one and see about that one. One thing led to the next," says William's mother, Heather. "We were just pulling out all the coins we had and then ran out."

From that point on, feeding the meters has been a regular part of their monthly trips. William brings a bag of coins he's earned from doing chores.

Heather Lange says it's not unusual for them to walk two miles though Downtown Orlando looking for meters that are low on time.

"William is such a generous person," Lange says of her son. "He does it with nothing in return other than the joy of knowing that he's done something good for someone."

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